Consulting for Senior Living and Health Care Communities
The senior housing and health care profession is experiencing winds of change—with challenges as well as opportunities. The Red Bottom Boat can help you Adjust Your Sails to Catch the Marketplace Winds through critical thinking and innovative solutions for a healthy bottom line.

Contextual Innovation
Strategic planning collaboration in the beginning phases of physical development for new communities or renovations brings strength to senior services, products, programs, sales, marketing, and operations.
Our services are designed for architects, designers, developers, owners, operators, and investors and lenders to take an average development and lift it to a new level of distinction.

Creative Infusion
The Red Bottom Boat offers critical thinking, creative vision, planning, advertising, and implementation of branding, positioning, and marketing for new, start-up developments.
Creative revitalization is for existing communities to give brand, products, and services renewed vigor, renewed life, and renewed impact.
Creative infusion services are tailored for each community and designed to increase your brand strength, marketplace position, occupancy, and revenues.

Customized Coaching Workshops
Training from The Red Bottom Boat, led by Gary Solomonson with over 46 years of experience, will connect ideas, methods, and initiatives to make a difference in the applied art and science of sales and marketing. Train your staff for sales success and also to become valued resources for the community at large.

Our clients include retirement living, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, rehabilitation, home care, and continuing care retirement communities. We work with both nonprofit and for-profit organizations of all sizes.

We can help your community adjust your sails to catch the marketplace winds. Please visit our Contact page, or call (612) 810-1683.


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